81 Gotta Scoot - Mythicsteed

Scootaloo decided to venture out and make a few bits. After all wheels cost to maintain ! Tried drawing in a 3rd person perspective. May be biting off more than I should have, but see where I would improve next time. Filly proportions could do with a tweak.
82 In Lunar Republic Equestria, Clock is on Pony - Richard il Miotastei

83 I don't even - ambergerr

84 Sound Familiar? - stuhp

Just a small jab in good humor. You know we love you :3
85 Running Late - Burnt Circuit

I tried spending more time on the background this time. I think it turned out ok.
86 Daring Duo - Masem

For "A pony that's nervous", I came to the idea of the final scene from my fic "The Fluttershy Effect" ( http://www.fimfiction.net/story/38369/the-fluttershy-effect ) where after a situation involving Fluttershy's fears, Pinkie offers Fluttershy to a rather tame wagon ride -- which turns into this :)
87 Clock is STILL ticking, Twilight! - rainbowtasticarts

Well, I will certainly not be alone with this one today, but sometimes you just gotta roll with the obvious, right?
88 Would You Like To Have Lunch? - Cloudy Skies

I don't know why I kid myself and ever draw anything but Appleshy. The second I tell myself I can fulfill the day's prompt using something, anything that promises AppleShy, my motivation doubles. It's hardly a complicated drawing, and using a nervous Fluttershy is probably a super cheap solution today, but I'm getting faster, and, uh. No, that's pretty much it. Oh! I never drew bent ears before today. Progress, clearly! Also, don't worry, Fluttershy. I'm sure Applejack will accept your offer of lunch. Roses are delicious.
89 Deadline Looms - Arkhivez

"Have to finish...so much...I have to finish!!!"
90 Tick Tick Tick - Soulnar

91 A minute before the performance - chaosmalefic

No spare strings left
92 Clock Pony - KhaoMortadios

I have no idea. No idea at all.
93 The Legend of Derpy: Marejora's Mask Fingerpaint - MyBoyJ

I quickly decided on a parody of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, because a countdown to the apocalypse is the central focus of the game. The game also features a lot of characters dealing with their impending doom in various ways, and many of them are myriad degrees of nervous, so I suppose it fits both aspects of the theme.
94 Ten Seconds Flat! - Worldtrekka

Speed sketch of MLP's resident speed demon! Gotta go fast!
95 - ScribbleClash

96 REspons - Soratails

97 It's Just not Her Day... - MaikeruTo

Didn't prepare well for the test. She isn't as perfect as she thinks herself to be...
98 A Rare Rush - Meridas

This took far too long ._.
99 Doc Bronc - Wolfen

Isn't it heavy?
100 Nervous Flutters - Echodonut

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