101 Nervous pony - ATG Day 16 - Ryojo

102 The International Baccalaureate Experience - Pax Lator

This sums it up neatly. As a physics/mid-level-math/business student this last year is going to be HELL.
103 Clock Up! wip - srk-ares

this is not yet finished, its a work in progress couldnt really focus on drawing today, gonna finish it up at a later date of course its inspired by the pony platforming project 3: minty fresh adventure
104 Slightly nervous - F4celess

What Intel is nervous about I don't know, but she gets the butterflies in her bellies from it. ...
105 The First Set - Rainspeak

106 Clockwork (Flash loop, WIP) - klystron2010

Didn't manage to finish it today. :(
107 ATG Day 16 - Neri

108 The Wifey's MAD - AniRichie

Looks like he's sleeping on the couch tonight!
109 Crona and Ragnarok - TGYR

110 3rd EQD ATG Day 16 - Frostspear

...I was away all day, alright? So, about the first submission that isn't a direct reference to something else and it's... a sort of blocky, vaguely punkish cityscape thing? ...mostly because of the dirigible? Huh. Perhaps I should have used some references or something. Of course, by providing a sub-par entry this time I should be able to do something... well, better for the next one. It's a rotation! Sounds like a good idea to me; still getting practice but without quite as much constant strain!
111 On the Clock - Yoshimon1

Twi: "Clock is ticking, Yoshimon1. Clock. Is. Ticking!" --- I know, Twi... --- I didn't have much time today and then I was just too tired to make something more complicated. --- At least I now have a new 48x48 pixel pony base! Yay! --- 1.5 hours. Made in Paint.NET.
112 Watchmare - Gloaming

You're watching a watchmare on watch on the clock in clock town. A watch is a clock, right? ...come to think of it, I should've made my r63 Rorschach stand on a clock (on the clock in clock town) for maximum clockception.
113 NATG III day 16 - Steady Prism

114 On the Clock - Fluttershy_Z

I'm sorry ... again. But with this prompt you kinda forced me into doing this. :D I think I'm not the only one with that idea.
115 I know a song... - Stratosfire

116 EQD NATG III: Day 16: Skittish Belle - ArrJaySketch

Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 16: Draw a nervous pony/ Draw a pony on the clock! Poor Sweetie Belle. Awhile back, I remember someone suggesting that Sweetie Belle and Sapphire Shores would put an awesome show. :)
117 Not Sure If Want - Michael Walker

118 Scootaloo's productivity - Reagasus

You still got this Scoots!
119 Oh no! I'm late to the Grand Galloping Gala! - The Ash Bee

Better hurry, Spike. Looks like Rarity is about to ask Prince Charming for a dance! (Second time using GIMP today!)
120 There Is Only so Much Time - Cerulean Draw

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