121 idontknowception - Butlerfack

just pretend that i drew this in the last five minutes and beat the clock or something
122 Anypony Home? - LuigiSonic57

The Wanderer needs a pony to talk to. Somepony recommended that she visit Fluttershy in her cottage at the edge of town. However, upon her arrival, it seems that the house is empty...strange... I'm really quite proud of my Fluttershy =3
123 On the clock - Abyssal Emissary

Run, little Pony, run. Try to get ahead. Try to avoid the inevitable. Took me long enough to "color" this. Just a matter of time...
124 Pray For An A - Melon Hunter

Let's face it, there's few things more terrifying for a student than opening that little envelope that tells you whether all that hard work paid off. And with her hefty allowance riding on her grades, Diamond begins to wonder why she didn't spend more time studying and less time tormenting the Crusaders...
125 Time for the Talk - PinkiePieFiesta

126 Avian Shortage - S-Guide

Sweetie Belle, dear, do you understand that you are talking to a cat?
127 The Waiting is the Worst Part - petite-dreamer

Starting to get lazy, but not lazy enough to not submit anything. So have a Fluttershy nervously awaiting news of an animal friend that she had to take to a veterinary hospital and Angel being unusually supportive.
128 You're late - Raptor

129 Pinkie on the Clock - ZekeroX Blade

130 Time is Fleeting - AbysmalAegis

Time flies like an arrow; Fruit flies like a banana.
131 - Madcrafter

The work of a few minutes
132 Clock Is Ticking - Kreature

Yeah, I don't know
133 The Doctor and the Pocket-of-Time - Amber Flicker

"Why does the Doctor have a pocket-watch that is emitting glowy-gold stuff towards his eyes?!" NO IDEA! "Why does Amber keep drawing glow-y gold stuff?!This is like, her 3rd glow-y gold thing for ATG.." I...Really like drawing glow-y gold stuff.....
134 The Doctor is on the clock - Tek

The doctor or time turner as her is known in ponyville punches into work in the morning. Outline done in black pen. Did not feel like coloring this today. As always Feedback and Tips appreciated
135 Stage Fright - Shy Assassin

136 A nervous pony. - m

yep... dats a butt...
137 Derpy to the rescue - Blueclaws

Derpy on the clock... shouldn't she just be able to fly down? :)
138 - Sapphire

139 Oops... - Chris Cooke

140 Sleeping on the Clock - AaronMk

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