141 Magic Friendship problem - Dressa-Reis

If i can´t find a friendship problem I´ll make a friendship problem"
142 Run Doctor and choose - M.A Roy

143 EQD Training Grounds Day 16 - Blayaden

My OC Pony (who is extremely nervous by nature... just like me) being late for something. Probably a job interview. I HATE those!
144 Twice a Day - Cazra

145 CMC Smoothie Makers - Last Minute

146 Fluttershy on the Clock - Linkman15

Fluttershy is on the clock.
147 PSYCHO - Jeremy Bensing

Well Twilight's crazy......................again.
148 Clockwork Rarity - choirnerd91/Decrescendo91

She's always on the clock
149 The doctor is on call - Kitmehsu

I shall call this blank flank bat pony bright spot as she has a bright future as a lawyer or maybe a bureaucrat, for her untold talent is one for being technically correct.
150 thank you come again. - OverlordSteve

151 Oh my fur and whiskers - Mary Kate

152 Clockwork - Bryan Briggs

153 NATG 16 - Jerry

154 Ponies on a (Cuckoo) Clock - ChibiDashie

Raise you han---hoof if you want this cuckoo clock. This is pretty much like this cuckoo clock thats in my living room (Sad thing is, the bird doesn't chirp, but it does play music :D ) Only with ponies and not Disney characters on it. Fluttershy is supposedly on the thing that goes back and forth, which is why she is holding on for dear life. Twilight and the cloud, I believe it's supposed to keep the clock balanced.
155 Overclocking Doctor - Canvas Painter

The Doctor wandered the halls of the children's musuem in a daze. Oversized household objects dotted the floor, colts and fillies climbing them like they were a grand mountain. The time lord could only smiled at the the kids' glee. He liked to see anyone happy, such a feeling was rare enough in the universe. If giant objects made a fourth grader crack a smile, then it was fine by him. After turning a corner, the Doctor came across a giant clock. The combination of his given nature and the object at hand, the visual pun was too hard to resist. "Well, its looks like..I'm on the clock!"
156 I'M LATE! (Uncolored Sketch Version) - TheFriendlyElephant

You'll Be TARDY!!! Colored Version coming really soon. Like in the next hour or so. I just wanted to get this submitted before it was too late.
157 Nervous Tavi - MonoJelly

She's nervous.
158 Three Nervous Applejack Expressions - Taeemul Chowdhury

159 Always on the clock - Snowy Flanks

Her job is to make sure that the clock does not float away
160 Twilight's First Lesson - Taeemul Chowdhury

Today is actually my first day in my college dorm so I figured I'd draw a picture of Twilight getting nervous at her first lesson with Celestia. Thus, mirroring my own feelings.
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