161 Deadline - Kesserca

I created a random OC for this ATG "Deadline" i am happy with it, i tried to put how i feel about deadlines in a simple picture,
162 ON the CLOCK - DashieKitten

Well, you did say to draw a pony on a clock...
163 Applecake - Silveredchaos

164 A Pony on the Clock - DJ TR33

I am so very sorry.
165 Apple Bucking Season - Quagspoo

166 - hip-indeed

167 Not Again... - Quillery

168 Doctor Whooves, On the Clock - Frimaire Froid

169 What time is it? - Corralfur

170 - Rad-man

My brain needs to figure out how to muzzle. I know what I want to do but haven't been able to do it yet. Oh well, this is why I must practice!
171 Jousters, Are You Ready? - Callmemitch

Best horse. Came out pretty good too, usually she comes out horrible. Pretty obvious choice for this theme.
172 Rushed Work - HumanFlea

173 Moon Viewing - CrimsonBlossom42

174 Running out of time - Acheron

175 Eyes Wide Krap - Nick C.

She like "holy crap, i be like, three days behind, yo! What I DOOOOOOOOOOO??!!"
176 But What If... - Silent Machina

We all get nervous about talking to crushes, right? Or did the rest of y'all leave that behind?
177 Discovery Issue - Alex Reyes

I don't know where I get my titles from.
178 Will I... - jberg18

179 Nerves - TheBaraclough

I have been very distracted and procrastinated this pictures like nobody's business. Even so, I'm proud because this is the first pony I've drawn without a reference and it's an OC that has been floating around in my head. He's a mascot of my fraternity's family, the Recycled Rebels, but I'm not really sure what to name him. Anybody have any suggestions for a name?
180 EQD ATG 3: Day16 - Andrew "AffinityPony" Beran

I'm sorry Fluttershy. I know you're nervous, and that I need to draw your legs a little better, but hang in there okay? I'll draw you for tomorrow's theme!
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