1 Mouring the sticks that came before - Darkon Shadows

Well this is a rather morbid prompt... hey wait minute! Since when did I become the stick pony?
2 What Could Have Been - Penbet10

3 Likely a mourning bachelorette - Jenbun Spahging

Jenbun: I win this one, nobody here is going to have a pony as happy as Likely is! I feel kind of sorry for Stan as Likely is drunk off her... actually she's not on a rocker and she's still riding the mechanical bull... she's pretty good at it too apparently.
4 The Last Sunset - Blue Wolf

A while ago on Twitter, the writer for the MLP comic book had tweeted something along the lines of "why does everyone on Devient art draw sad ponies in the rain with gravestones? What am I missing?" or something like that. So the idea of a pony by a gravestone has stuck in the back of my mind, and as soon as I saw "mourning" I jumped into action.
5 Enslaved to the Dark King - Slizergiy

6 Regret - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Sometimes... things don't go as planned.
7 Broken Up, Broken Down. - DJ-Rainbow-Dash

8 Broken Up - CosmicWaltz

Twilight swears it was an accident.
9 Mourning The Loss Of Thyself - Feather Gem

I did this...in like an hour. So it isn't perfect. But whatever.
10 Bad Ending - Wryte

"Daring Do and the Surprisingly High Body Count for a YA Novel" is generally held to be one of the weaker entries in the series.
11 Time out little sister - FrostyEchidna

This theme is depressing, what gives D:
12 Crying Fluttershy - Transparent Pony

13 Everypony hates me - ChiraChan

14 Tears - TropicalWings

Made with Paper by 53
15 Pay for my sins - Aurora Alice Juliet-Rose Nightray

Rora may pay for her sins... but she pay for her friends sins too, to make 'em happyer.
16 Bad Day at the Farmers Market - JohansRobot

Here we have Turnip Truck and Daisy having a bad day at the the farmer's market, looks like somepony dropped some furniture on their stands!
17 Memory - Pio21

18 Crying Luna - caitotino

The issue of being 1000 years old.
19 Console wars. - CrazyDeafBrony

Console wars are stupid.
20 Separation - Mart3323

Expecting a lot of ponies literally broken up in this gallery... hopefully for analysis, like an anatomy class..., and not the gory kind
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