1 ATG 14 - Lost At Sea - AniRichie

Missed this day due to a flu.
2 I'm never late - Hopscotch007

You see it's funny because this is a late submission! haha! I'll go in the corner now.
3 Don't Be Afraid - Spark Burst

4 Dreamy - FrostyEchidna

She's lost in a dream
5 Melody is Concerned - Moribundbunny

6 DerpyShy - Bradley Litzenberger

7 Myself Ponified - Bradley Litzenberger

My hair doesn't look that great.
8 Dashie Nervous - megahgirl

Was done on time, but could not be scanned on time due to...complications.
9 Charging up! - Cloudy Skies

I of course screwed up and missed one little detail. The prompt is chargED up not chargING up. I'm gonna pretend and hope noone notices and help matters along by stating this outright.
10 Blindfolded Sense Training - chaosmalefic

Inspired by "Spike at your service"
11 A little bit nervous - NATGIII day 16 - Whatsapokemon

Submitting now because I was late the first time.
12 Angry Walk - NATGIII day 2 - Whatsapokemon

Lucky I escaped from that with only a few bruises... and a few broken bones. I often forget to draw the wings on pegasus ponies, this time I'm actually doing it intentionally. Yay. Anyway, the theme was "Draw a pony walking", and an angry walk is definitely appropriate for that.
13 1000 years and you haven't practiced? - Sam Sage

For Day 8
14 Bad Mane Day - Sam Sage

For Day 9.
15 EQD NATG III: Day 18: Luna Plans the Night - ArrJaySketch

Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 18: Draw a pony dreaming/Draw a pony with a plan. Luna works on mapping out her beautiful night sky!
16 EQD NATG III: Day 19: Bubbles vs Snowflakes - ArrJaySketch

Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 19: Draw a pony working out/Draw a pony training. When Derpy concentrates and takes her time, it turns out that she's a pony of strength and grace. Her eyesight makes things more difficult for her. Thanks to SashaDarkcloud for the idea!
17 EQD NATG III: Day 15: Twitchy Pie - ArrJaySketch

Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 15: Draw an excited pony/Draw a pony charged up! Pinkie doesn't like the 'feine, but the 'feine likes her.
18 Always Running... - Shy Assassin

19 Training Hard - Khao Mortadios

Okay, okay. Lazy picture.
20 Day 17 - 'Hollow' Nocturne in Mourning - Hallow Nocturne

First drawing attempts at my OC. 'Hollow' is a nickname given to Nocturne due to a verbal misunderstanding between him and his childhood friend "Hallow" the first time they met. Sadly, Hallow's constitution was less than stellar and sickness took him. With any luck, my writing chops will be a bit further along than my artistry. So many ideas and so many skills to gain, but what's life without a few challenges to overcome?!
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