181 Dueling Pony - Flippy

Yup, this is what came to mind after a lightsaber duel. I thought this would be easier and more creative.
182 Parasprites are Dangerous - Butlerfack

183 Set The Sun To Raise The Moon - Blue Whrilpool

"Why Luna?" "Because the sun must in order to raise the moon." I finished it just in time :)
184 Racing - Corralfur

185 Pirates on the Equestrian Seas - Burnt Circuit

I spent all day on this, and I very happy the way it turned out, because Pirates.
186 Mega Muffin Competition - Fizzban08

187 "I have a proposition for you..." - delQuponT

Unfinished scene from "The Games We Play" by Absolute Anonymous. Specifically at the start of Dash and Mare-do-wells' competition in chapter 4.
188 A New Moon Rises - Norque

189 Pistols at Sunrise - Roxor128

190 Still the World Champ - Spark Burst

I was gone most of the day and this was all I was able to do on time.
191 ATG III day 22 - JTwardo

192 Race - Frith

First time this training ground that I've drawn more than one pony together. It's hard to draw well enough that each is the same size. Not a problem here, the ponies are not in the same plane! Copied from Sweet and Elite, I filled in details that would have been off-screen if I'd drawn the ponies exactly were they were in the original. 9_9 Unlike DeviantArt, anonymous commenting works as does OpenID at frith.dreamwidth.org, so, If you notice my sketches, you can always drop me a line.
193 NATG3 Day 22: No Age Spells Here - Ozepherus

Magical duels aren't often decided by who has the stronger magic, but rather who is more clever in getting around his opponent's defenses.
194 Vinyl vs Octavia - BerylliumPone

Not sure why they're dueling...but that's what I came up with, so whatever.
195 Heaven or Hell with CMs - James Dijit

Cutie Mark version.
196 Battle of the muffinpie - Crysm

There can only be one!
197 Day 22 - DiscordedHarmony

198 Duel of Wisdom - Mr. Boltitude

199 Magic Competition - RHKirby

Trixie going through her turn in a magic competition. Everyone can appreciate a magic show, even from someone who likes to boast about their abilities.
200 Last Second Submission - DAbestpony

The NATG feels like a contest, right?
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