201 Humble Beginnings - Zanefir-Dran

And to think in a few years they'll have their biggest achievement - getting run out of Ponyville.
202 Dual Personalities - Raincloudboom

Not very original ,I know, but it was the best I could come up with.
203 Round One - MalWinters

204 This Isn't Star Trek! - Nyrx

Finished version will probably be in the comments a bit later, no real excuse as to why just turned out to be more complex than expected :u
205 Love as Tough as Nails - verulence

I love Andy Price and his awesome style so I tried to show my appreciation for it by drawing it!
206 The Midnight Duel - MaikeruTo

Cut it closer than ever on this one. would've been a shame to do all this work and miss the deadline. and didn't want to wait till the next makeup session for this one.
207 Friendly Disagreement - HalflingPony

A completely dignified duel of fisticuffs hoofticuffs talonicuffs brawling over what is most certainly a matter of grave import.
208 Yeah Worst Pony - JohansRobot

209 It's MY Empire! - Gemini Shadows

210 The Ponyville Way - phallen1

Rarity and Fleur-de-Lis have dueled in the Canterlot way in the past... Now it's time for Rarity to challenge Fleur to dueling banjos, the Ponyville way!
211 Epic Staring Contest - ABronyAccount

212 Wanna Fight About It? - Callmemitch

213 The Showdown - LuigiSonic57

Random battle! The ultimate showdown! FIGHT! Had a lot of fun drawing this one! Finished just in time :P
214 Board Match - Tradley

Twilight and Wind Whistler decided to have a nice, fun, challenging game of checkers together.
215 Round One - MalWinters

Oops. Realized I left off something so I updated the file.. which of course updates the file link. Whee.
216 Quickly, Quickly - Cerulean Draw

217 Artist Training Ground Day 21 - GraphicLee

218 ATG III - Day 22 - Rarity VS - Icesticker

The hand drawn lines of the piece I planned for ATG 3. Look forward to the coloured version that will be coming out very soon.
219 Battle of the arts - rainbowtasticarts

220 A Challenge Issued - Blurredthelines

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