81 Epic Cheese Battles of History! - ChibiDashie

Who will win this cheese battle between the two ponies?! Will it be Switzerland, with cheese that's so good, Swiss Airlines has it for Economy Class for meals, or France, with cheese that's...cheese? I think i'm going to root for Switzerland, not only for cheese, but chocolate as well.
82 Dueling - Dressa-Reis

It´s unfinished,
83 Inconceivable! - David Lockwood

You know it's a reference to SOMETHING...
84 Easy Win - Frimaire Froid

85 A Duel - Chris Cooke

I'm feeling the burnout today, so there's not much to this. It's pretty much a five minute sketch, ten at most. At least I got a _little_ practice in today.
86 Chivalry: FRIENSHIP IS SCORPIONS - Lord_Bovine

Pinkie has just learned about the magic of the Reverse Overhead, A.K.A the Scorpion.
87 Hold thine breath, sister! - chaosmalefic

No violance FTW
88 Dambe Duel - AaronMk

I seem to have left mere implication of combat, and just went straight in.
89 Nightmare Fight - Kann

90 The Duel - TheAndyMac

91 When your pushed to far - MixedScales

We live, and no one can stop us We pull when we're pushed too far
92 Dash vs Dust - Yoshimon1

This Saturday. Cloudsdale Coliseum. Two young mares. One dream. Dash vs Dust --- Where can I buy tickets?! --- Another wallpaper? Wow, I really should make something different tomorrow... --- If I hadn't tried to make their manes with complicated clipping masks, I would have saved at least 30 minutes... --- 3 hours. Made in Inkscape. SVG available on dA.
93 Disgaea Duel - HumanFlea

94 Ponified Fiora - Swordkirby (Vinh Nguyen)

Haven't submitted anything in a while.
95 An opponent appears - F4celess

Intel, in a desert, with a unknown opponent. This must be a duel! Reintroducing the round brush ftw-
96 ATG Day22 - Multi Melee - James

The Stable Dweller competes in a contest of pillow fighting. I wanted a mock battle that was good old fun, harmless, and everypony's a winner in the end.
97 NATG 22 - Jerry

98 Super Mare-io Kart - Parmesan

This particular image taunts me, as I made it in the off-time from tonight's Mario Kart DS tournament. (It works, OK?) I got knocked out in the 2nd round, hopefully for Trixie it doesn't happen to her...
99 Draw - BenjiK

100 Dueling Dash - Tek

Rainbow Dash is ready for her next jousting match. Outline done in black pen. As always Feedback and Tips appreciated.
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