101 - Rad-man

Here I continue to be the definition of originality. Just a few days left! I didn't try too much here. Trying a new thing to do better 21 days in a row took it's toll. I think I'll just draw purely for fun for the rest of the challenge. Drawn on a Wii U! https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAABAADbUgNoP7i6eQ
102 Coffee Chugging Champion - klystron2010

103 The Magic Duel (TEASER) - Xonxt

Not the full version, couldn't finish in time. Full 2-page comic pending...
104 Battle Beard - Airtower

Just a little sketch for today.
105 Jousting - Rebecca Skinner

106 Draw - Abyssal Emissary

They stood there in their coats. The whole day long. The duel was never decided though. Because there were no colts... *bad puns incoming*
107 EQD Training Grounds Day 22 - Blayaden

I think Pinkie Pie's family came up with this one...
108 Race To The Bottom - Melon Hunter

As with any group of performers, there's a fair few friendly rivalries in the Wonderbolts. And when a dispute really, absolutely has to be resolved, there's only one way to decide it: a plunge to the ground from Cloudsdale, with no flight suits and definitely no goggles. First one to hit the dirt wins, and the bonus prize is being able to stand back up afterward! Reckon you can fight the twin forces of gravity and hurricane-force winds? Better hope your wings hold up, rookie... Also, while drawing this, I learned two things: Firstly, drawing ponies from a top-down perspective is surprisingly difficult, and that there is no finer background music to drawing Wonderbolts racing than the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack (movie and game, naturally =D)
109 It's time to du-du-du-duel - Hopscotch007

I'm expecting a lot of card playing ponies, don't care; had fun.
110 Set The Sun To Raise The Moon (sketch) - Blue Whrilpool

Trying to finish it before the day ends, but I thought I would at least post the sketch just in case.
111 Bridge Duel - Aozora

112 EQD ATG 3: Day 22 - Andrew "AffinityPony" Beran

Cuteness Contest...POSE! I had a more complex plan initially, but I opted to simplify it so I could try a different coloring method. I'm still not satisfied with the coloring, but it's better. Back to practicing!
113 Day 22 - Emberstar11

114 Duel At Bolshaya Past Crevice - baconplanet

...12 shots...
115 RainbowPie - Madcrafter

116 Staring Duel - Kesserca

Today i decided to work on the eyes, i tried to make them look "real", i tried to lower my use of lineart in that picture and i tried a new way to do the mane, still learning but i am happy with this one
117 YugiWat - Kevin

Pinkie as Yugi, FlufflePuff as Kuriboh WHATISMYLIFE!!!
118 Dueling Pony - ZekeroX Blade

119 - PinkiePieFiesta

I don't think I had the right idea
120 The Grand Duelist - Ye Ting Wang

I long for a worthy opponent (read in REALLY annoying french accent)
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