141 Dueling Instruments - Horizons Bound

I think I did a variation of this for last year. Name that movie.
142 Fiddlesticks, the best there ever was - Skypause

143 Pokemon GO! - Blueberry

I'm so tired.
144 The Good, The Bad, and The Pony - OverlordSteve

145 - ScuriLevenstein

146 Day 22 - Alloco

Really rushed now, hope to improve in the next assigment
147 Beatrix's dueling personalities (unfinished) - Mister Twister

Tried to draw her in-character for once.
148 En Garde! - Shy Assassin

149 NATG 3 Day22: Competition - TheBaraclough

Yes, I realize this is a bit of a cop-out but I am really burnt out and had nothing with this prompt considering my previous Winning at Shhh entry pretty much being perfect for it. I could have done a cheap Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh reference but I didn't feel like drawing much today. I likely will be rushed tomorrow too but after that I will hopefully have much more energy to wrap up this training ground the right way. The only positive thing I can say was the minimal amount of pony in this was at least done without reference and turned out okay. If anyone is wondering the pony is just a generic pony and wasn't meant to be any pony of significance.
150 Regional Silence Championship - Last Minute

151 Hoof Wraslin - Silveredchaos

And that's how Ghastly Gorge was made.
152 There's always room for Cherry Pie - Charlie (Cosmos) Marquez

I was going to draw Soarin instead of BigMcIntosh, but I wanted my OC to have a chance in this competition xD.

154 Fluttershy has to defend her title - Snowy Flanks

She is going to have a lot of trouble with Octavia
155 Combat in Equestria - Richard il Miotastei

Weapons from left to right: Mage Blade, Sword and Board, Longsword, Dual Broadsword, Halberd, Staff, Warhammer/Massive Thorshamar, Woldo. I like to think that a lot of Equestrian Citizens are proficient with some form of self defense because of the rampant monsters and practical uselessness of the Royal Guard.
156 Arena, Anyone.... Else? - Theresa

Poor Lunas first hoof at Arena PVP... Well at least she killed something! It's a start.
157 The Pony in Black - Mary Kate

158 Celestia vsSombra - Bryan Briggs

See thru Celestia?
159 Hnnnngg - Shadowbolt82

Artist is not responsible for heart attacks and/or diabeetus
160 Heaven or Hell - James Dijit

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