161 Amateurs - jberg18

162 Sir Zaffre - Shocks

163 Pie-Eating Cutie Mark, Here 'Ah Come! - BlackoakShield

Because, that's a totally different ballpark than a cupcake-eating cutie mark, right? Will Applebloom win the pie-eating competition? Does she have a chance if they aren't apple pies? Could the act of somepony in the Apple family eating an apple be called Applebalism? Do I talk too much in these text boxes? Can I make it to the end of this entry by only asking questions? Who knows!?
164 Applejack Hurdles - megahgirl

165 Atg Day 22 - Alyssa

166 RACE - lordjeremy55

AJ thought she had this race in the bag, But after that rainbow streak zoomed by her she knew she had no chance of winning.
167 Artist's Block - Supercruise

Two ponies engaged in a heated battle!
168 Refined Dueling - Michael Walker

This one was a bit rushed. I just ran out of time. :/
169 Earth Ponies are bad with cards - Xulious

It's Time to D-d-d-d.... DDDDDUEL!!! Yugioh style! Only I can't imagine hooves being able to handle playing cards very well... :\
170 Twilight playing xbox - Transparent Pony

She's dueling in Halo 3 okay :)
171 Don't Blink - Lifes Harbinger

Clearly the battle of the ages...Not really sure who would win.
172 DDDDDDDUEL!!! - Kuyon

173 You May Begin Your Exams - Study_Hard

174 Singles Night at the Armory - Redenaz

Nothing gives a pony confidence like more confidence.
175 Math Duel - Cazra

Can a mere OC defeat Princess Twilicorn Sparkle in a battle of numbers, integrals, and proofs? Probably not, because OCs aren't allowed to be better than the mane 6 at anything. It's a rule. :P
176 Dueling Club - RogueLament

177 Jousting - WerdKcub

178 - DarkFlame

She's dueling. You just can't see the other pony.
179 NO MINE - hip-indeed

by far the hardest pic i've done this atg... and i'm still not quite happy with it... but it gave me a lotta practice anyway
180 Competing Pony - sixhorsepower

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