121 Phoenix Wright - Bryan Briggs

I'll actually be dissappointed if I'm the only one who thought of this game
122 Death and Taxes - MrTophats

It's Senator Twilight! I hate everything about this.
123 Court is in session - Sturs

I may well be the only ATG participant who's actually getting worse at art over the course of this event. And I was pretty rubbish to begin with. Ah well, sod all that. Have a Celestia being all law-y and crap. That's what litigation means, right?
124 Image - Ye Ting Wang

125 Pony court - Kuyon

126 Professional Randomizer - Kesserca

I have absolutly no idea... this prompt killed me i wasent in the mood to draw something... But i decided to do a lil something, so i did that "thing"... yeah no comment >.< Pinky:"I bet you cant make an ATG uglyer than.... THAT!!!"
127 Another Late Night - jberg18

128 De Magics - Last Minute

129 principlestia - hip-indeed

130 Dinky the Professional Driver - Goggle Sparks

131 Wheres My Coffee?! - Norque

132 Filthy Rich - Dahngrest

133 Serious Pinkie - RogueLament

134 Lyra Objects - JohanRobot

Lyra is defending Gilda! I think by the looks of it, she is doing an awesome job!
135 Professional Cat Whisperer - boogiesnar

This was drawn for Day 23 of Equestria Daily's Newbie Artist Training Grounds III, where the theme was: "Draw a pony litigating/Draw a professional pony." This is also a birthday present for a dear friend whose pony-self is featured in the picture. I thought it turned out rather well! It has certainly been a while since I've submitted anything to either EQD or Deviantart!
136 Filthy Rich - Jonathan Marshall

137 Objection Overruled for Muffins!! - HallowNocturne

HAHA! Figured out how to use a scanner...only took me a week. Wanted to do sooooooo many things with this one (SweetieBot Godot!) but alas there's only so many hours in the day. So I went with the backup plan. Muffins! Who could object to muffins?!
138 Don't Worry, I'm a Professional - Lifes Harbinger

Leaning towards lawyer on this one.
139 Dr Professor Derpy - BenjiK

140 EQD ATG 3: Day 23 - Andrew "AffinityPony" Beran

One option for the theme was to draw a professional pony, so here's the professional fashionista! Overall I'd say, eh... The coloring kinda ruined everything. For Day 24, I think I'll go back to black ink. If everything looks good, then I'll try color again.
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