1 Stick Pony Surfing - Darkon Shadows

Well a every body has heard about the bird!
2 Likely a beach - Jenbun Spahging

Jenbun: I am so sorry for the title of this one.
3 A Modern Mare - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Hypothetically speaking.
4 Surfing Pie - AniRichie

5 Thanks, M.A. Larson. - DJ-Rainbow-Dash

6 Volleyball with Dashie - giantsquidie (Briar)

Trying out action poses again. :)
7 Crab - thinkinsideachimney

8 Enjoying The Sunset - Eccentric Bloodstone

Fluttershy and Applejack staring out into the sunset, after taking a swim in the ocean.
9 The Beach - TropicalWings

Made with Procreate
10 Tiki Bar - Norque

11 ATG Day25 - Saucy Summer - James

The Stable Dweller spends her first day at the beach with Homage. Homage bares her new bikini in front of Littlepip, while exploiting Littlepip's weaknesses to the fullest that she is very fond of staring at flanks.
12 - ScuriLevenstein

13 Crowd Surfing - NinjaEngie

Oh yeah, this is the life!
14 Mic - Raedrob

15 FlutterSurfer sketch - Hewison

16 NATG Day 25: Shoot the Curl - StR Speedy

Hard to draw. Proud to have drawn it.
17 Cool Wave - Daniel Oliver Hartley

18 Um... Girls? - Callmemitch

Well I guess I blew this theme early, I submitted a pony on the beach a few nights ago. I tried to come up with something original, and this idea seemed pretty funny in my head. I'm not sure my 'sand' pony came out very well, but at least dat Fluttershy flank looks alright. She must get picked on whenever they go anywhere...
19 Vacation - Pixernosse

20 Rover Surfing The Net (unfinished) - Michael Walker

I unfortunately I started this late and it's 1am and I really want to go to bed. This is on the list of 'finish this when the challenge is over' pics. XP Like, top priority. I really want to finish this one.
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