181 A day at the beach - Snowy Flanks

He is oging to make a big sandcastle now
182 Rainbow Dash in the beach - balnits

183 Surfin' Applebloom - CMC_Scootaloo

Applebloom on a surfboard because, why not? She surely has fun at surfing. And if you ask yourself where her bowtie is: She just doesn't wear it this time, because she don't want that it get's wet.
184 - hip-indeed

185 At The Beach - Blueberry

186 Surfing - Butlerfack

i cant draw a background
187 EQD ATG 3: Day 25 - Andrew "AffinityPony" Beran

Princess Cadance at the beach. Nothing incredibly creative in this particular piece, but I did get to try out some different coloring methods. This looks better, but these still aren't the results I want. Back to the canvas!
188 Beach - Doublesharp44

50 Things To Do This Summer. "Number 25: Beach. That's all it says." "Beach? If I was a whale, that's not very good advice, is it?" [tangential reference, pic mostly unrelated]
189 Sufing - Kuyon

I did this one real quick... I spent to much time on other art today. :P
190 Dash is finally awake - Lord Squishy

This is very unfinished because reality happened; I'll finish it eventually.
191 Riding the Wind - phallen1

192 Oh dang It! - Kreature

Just decided to do something really simple
193 Surfing - WerdKcub

194 Time to throw some pocket sand - Rainspeak

Can't you see the incredibly detailed beach background that I spent hours drawing? And look at what a good job I did representing the theme! *high-fives self and misses*
195 Rainbow Dash Reading at the Beach - Cerulean Draw

196 Dolphin Pony - Shadowbolt82

And now for something completely different! Tried a way different art style today, no lines!
197 NATG3 Day 25: A Little Burnt - Ozepherus

I really should stop doing these at 1 AM when I have an 8 AM class...
198 Sandcrab - jberg18

199 Renton Thurston - TGYR

200 Surfing on the Beech - Raincloudboom

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