221 Zecora Windsurfing - Skypause

Inspired by a Bronycon panel (so I expect about a dozen others like it). (my mind the whole time)"...THE HEAD IS BACKWARDS..."
222 Fun at the Beach - FlutterLove

223 It's Called "The Ponynet" - LuigiSonic57

Twilight shows the Wanderer the latest in advancement in technology. Where will science take Equestrian society next? The answer is certain... ...TO THE MOOOOOOOON! Something I did really quickly, I didn't have much time today. Oh, and hey, my Twilight doesn't suck. Eyes are fickle, as always; came out a little bit chibi-esque.
224 Silver Surfer Pony - Mr. Boltitude

225 Something in common. - QuicksilverGuard

226 ATG III day 25 - JTwardo

227 Rock Pool - Roxor128

Given August is the last month of winter, it's much too early for going swimming, but it's not a problem to go poking around the rock pools.
228 Surf's Up - HalflingPony

Well, at least two of them are having fun.
229 - Crysm

230 - DarkFlame

I hate monday and I'm not inspired at all whatsoever. but here's a thing anyway.
231 Beech - Valkyrie-Girl

232 Aw, You're Not So Giant - ABronyAccount

233 NATG III Day 25 - Surf Shop - Jezendar

234 Shenanigans - Redenaz

235 Shining Armor Fun In the Sun - Blue Wolf

Penciled in 30 mintues at lunch at work with no reference from memory, inked in 10 mintues at a break at work, colored in 15 when I got home right before the deadline
236 First Contact - MalWinters

Did excellent yesterday... started late and rushed today x_____x
237 Shoo-be-doo! - Tradley

Shoo-be-doo! Shoo-Shoo-be-doo! Seaponies! Seaponies! I hope to see them in FiM.
238 Princess Sea Swirl - Scarlet Twinkle

Sea Swirl! Because beach.
239 Couch Surfn' - Frith

Rarity! Couch Surfing! Hang four! If you notice my sketches, you can always drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org, anonymous commenting works and there's also OpenID.
240 Fluttersnack - Gregdawg

"And I can tell by your stench that you've been hanging out with Mr. Seal a lot! Was he doing okay the last time you saw him?"
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