121 Beach Pony - Last Minute

122 Fluttershy at the beach - DhampirSyrine

I know it's supposed to be drawn, but this has gotten me inspired enough to try to do something a bit more 3D. I hope this still counts.
123 Pinkie + Beachball (WIP) - FoobWhisperer

124 Hoofprints in the Sand - petite-dreamer

Just a leisurely stroll... I attempted an experiment in perspective and it worked out okay, but only because I used a blind bag as reference model.
125 Woona's Palace (finished) - Xulious

such violence was brought down upon the poor children
126 Crying at the beach. - PcM

127 Surfing spike - SAHikari

128 Beach Bum - Rebecca Skinner

129 3rd EQD ATG Day 25 - Frostspear

Anthroshy. Yeah, there are quite a few errors going on - particularly with the shading - but I suppose it's my own fault for starting later than I perhaps should have. Lyra! What is your obsession with these devil-appendages known as hands?! So, much to Shy's dismay, I have dismembered and cooked crab before. I had no idea what I was doing and kinda messed it up, but what I managed to salvage was delicious.
130 Falling off the Board - HallowNocturne

Surfing involves a lot of falling off the board. Trust me on this one.
131 Surfin Dash - Linkman15

Picture of Rainbow Dash surfing, not much else to say.
132 Royal Guard Special Service Poster - Jean-S├ębastien Matte (Glass Beaker)

First ever submission on this event of NATG and even on the internet, I wanted to post drawings earlier, but I just did not have the time. Anyway, that is me, trying to draw some ponies. I did not want to go with sand castle, so I inspired myself of the special forces promotions in which they come out of the water. Although the drawing is military themed, it is completely tame. Also, how do you draw sand!? I thought "should I put little dots randomly on the beach?". I decided to instead try to detail the water (somewhat) to give a hint that it's supposed to be an earth pony, wielding a crossbow in prone position, on a beach. As said on the page, I am opened to critics, so that I may improve and I will continue to draw ponies for the rest of this event.
133 I thought Waterboards were surfboards. . . - Lee Ji-Yong/RoxanDasher

I actually tried this, when I was like, 6 or 7. It sucked alot. But hey, water!
134 DAY OFF - lordjeremy55

Dashies taking a day off from weather patrol and is relaxing at the beach.
135 Alright, who's doing this? - Shy Assassin

(Thank you)
136 what now? - OverlordSteve

137 Luna Enjoying the Beach - Emberstar11

138 Semantics - The Skullivan

Ha! Thought you could trick me into drawing an actual background, Phoe? Well I showed you!
139 Surfin' Scoots - feraldrive

First time drawing a CMC, different from the normal ponies but infinitely easier than the horsier Celestia / Luna. Since I ran out of time it is up to the viewer to decide if Scoots is shredding an awesome wave or just having some imaginary fun on land.
140 Twilight's Brief Respite on the Beach - TheBaraclough

I did go to my family's beach house for a few days this summer but spent my time babysitting rather than the reading and relaxation I wanted to do. This is pretty much what I would like to do if I was on the beach right now -.-. Please leave me some feedback if you enjoyed this or any other of my pictures, I would appreciate it =).
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