141 Shores of Southsun - AbysmalAegis

Warning: Karka sighted near shoreline.
142 Some Beach - Roman

Somewhere, there's a big umbrella casting shade over an empty chair.
143 A Day At the Beach - TheFriendlyElephant

Dash always looks cool with those shades!
144 Starfish - Burnt Circuit

Fluttershy goes to the beach. Cute things ensue. Also this is my 2nd entry for the day.
145 At the Beach - TopGull

146 Keeping Calm - Lifes Harbinger

Fluttershy's secret to staying calm and nice is to relieve her stress by just relaxing at the beach during sunset.
147 Skysurfin' - Sturs

There's a pun relating the phrase "surf's up" to be made here. I shall not make this pun.
148 Watershy - BenjiK

149 Surfer Scootaloo - Tek

Surfing cutie mark go!!! Outline done in black pen. Not all that happy with this one the body is way to long and her right iris is too small but done have some pony. As always Feedback and Tips appreciated.
150 Fluttershy Riding a Jet Driven Shark - Hard Cyder

and why wouldn't she?
151 A Day At The Beach - Jerms Silver

152 Surfing Sea Swirl - Dahngrest

153 Like a big blue wave - Arcus

A cookie to anyone who knows where I got the title. And no, it isn't because there is a wave in the picture.
154 Woona's Palace (Completed) - Xulious

(yes, posting this to this gallery again, my call for perfection has brought me to fix a spelling error in the word 'enter', maybe the old one will be deleted from the gallery, as of when I'm typing this... only time will tell) such violence was brought down upon the poor children
155 At the Beach - Taeemul Chowdhury

I'm not too proud of this one. I guess scenery and landscape is another thing I should add to things I need more practice drawing.
156 Diamond on the Shores - Xain Russell

157 Beatrix surfing 4chan (unfinished) - Mister Twister

Probably by the time this is over I will start finishing my submissions.
158 Record Surfing 2.0 - Rad-man

Oooooo I am ridiculously proud of this you have no idea. It's got it's problems like anything yeah, but that's not the point. This prompt gave me the chance to revisit what could very well of been my first piece of MLP fanart. It just, it represents so much improvement. Check this out. fav.me/d4ijdnr I wanted to color the last day's prompt, but just in case I don't have time, I at least got this one. And really it means so much. This challenge rekindled a passion, I am eternally grateful. Now onward! to many more mistakes and much more improvement! LET'S DO IT! Fun Fact: This picture's lineart was done on a Wii U, and it was colored on a Nintendo 3DS.
159 Day at the Beach - Lord_Bovine

It's a foggy day, but that won't deter Rainbow. Also I'm so sorry... it turns out drawing water is really hard.
160 Not Again... - baconplanet

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