161 Dash "surfing" - Icesticker

I drew this during class. I figured I would attempt a new pose and face style. Trying to develop a style that is a little more daww
162 The STRONGEST surfer - Cazra

Happy Cirno day! ⑨/⑨
163 Surfing darling really...? - Quagspoo

Ugh never again for Rarity that hair @_@
164 RariTV - Mary Kate

165 Gnarly - Ye Ting Wang

trying more dynamic poses. didn't pan out as well as i expected. prob cuz i have no artistic background.
166 Surfin' With the Net - Shocks

167 Atg Day 25 - Alyssa

168 Beach Fun Times Yeah - Nemo

169 At The Beach - Kann

170 Day in the beach - HumanFlea

171 Fluttersurf - vap

172 Rainbow Dash at the Beach - megahgirl

173 Surfing - Fatty Pie

I'm back after long hiatus with firefox pony surfing on rock crabs on a beach cause she's a afriad of water. =D
174 Surfing while Surfing - DAbestpony

The pun was inevitable.
175 Day at the Beach - Anthony Barrera

This one was a bit hard as I am not used to drawing backgrounds. That said this gave me great practice and I will surly use this experience in the future.
176 Sand, Spells, and Sunsets - Arkhivez

Sunset Shimmer ((Who wants to give me tips on how to make this better?? :D :D :D))
177 Lyra Surfn' - RogueLament

178 Meet Me At The Beech! - a[placeholder(pony)]

Yet another entry relying on wordplay to barely make it through. I have never relied on more references than I have in this event! Today's main reference was http://treepicturesonline.com/beech_tree_pictures.jpg (treepicturesonline.com/beech-99.jpg specifically). Yesterday's entry is late, but complete and on my dA. It will be submitted if there is a final make-up gallery.
179 Pass the Sunscreen - JohansRobot

A day at the beach with the Cakes and the Sparkles? Why not! But it looks like Shining forgot his sunblock...
180 Surf's up for Rarity and Spike - Arkanoid1

Our favorite fashion crazy unicorn and her Spikey-wikey go surfing. As typical, Rarity has her comfort concerns.
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