1 Jetpacks are the future - Darkon Shadows

Duck Dodgers really shouldn't use jetpacks, even in the future technology is going to be as buggy as ever.
2 TOO LATE - AniRichie

"Raise this barn. Raise this barn. One. Two. Three. four."
3 Likely no cow ponies left - Jenbun Spahging and Mandy Tise

Jenbun: This comic does not reflect reality as I will be here for the rest of the Grounds, as if quoting that song didn't make it clear. We also still do have colors, but I'm a black and white character entirely plus I need my sleep and for Darkon to quit waking me up at odd hours. Mandy: Yay, I'm here too!
4 Future Ninja - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Some people seem to be under the impression that this is my future.
5 Back to the Future Ponified Fingerpaint - MyBoyJ

Here we have a ponified version of the movie poster for Back to the Future. I suppose it fits because the DeLorean's license plate is "OUTATIME." And, you know, the whole time travel thing.
6 Stuck in Time - TropicalWings

Made with Procreate
7 Due - Wryte

8 Nightmare Belle - Blue Wolf

So my idea here, is years in the future, both Scootaloo and Applebloom get their cutie marks, but Sweetie Belle is still looking for hers, and the stress has caused more of a strained relationship with her sister Rarity. This would make her easy prey for the Nightmare Force to corrupt her, and it would also be revenge on Rarity at the same time, having to watch her sister suffer the same fate she once suffered.
9 A Hard Landing - Jordan Elizalde

10 - ScuriLevenstein

11 Sweetie Bot: Blue Screen of Death - Michael S

Hello. I'm sorry if I did something wrong when I submitted this. It's my first time participating in the newbie artist training event. Please let me know if I need to correct anything like that. Regards. -Michael S aka Bronze Aegis
12 The TIme Machine - Norque

13 Tombstone - Raedrob

14 Right Decade, Wrong Centuary - bobthedalek

15 The Truth - NinjaEngie

Twilight travels in time to find the truth about the princesses past...
16 come with me if you want to live - bungeh

hasta la vista, foal
17 Twiley playing with herself - Soratails

18 Spoiler. - RandomCPV

Based on this image. http://geekalabama.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/mylittlepony_splash_2048x1536_en.jpg
19 Future Experiment - Pixernosse

20 No time, get in the car!! - Hewison

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