1 Stick pony plotting - Darkon Shadows

The expected out come is ponies shaking their plots in the air like they just didn't care... I also expect to see a lot of cutie marks.
2 Pony Ruling - Brandon Hart

3 Likely plotting against puns - Jenbun Spahging

And failing to stop them from occuring, well at least it isn't her flank in everyone's faces.
4 Plotting Designs - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

But if I do it that way, then... So I should... Which would then...
5 The Real Reason She Got Expelled - AniRichie

If you got it, flaunt it.
6 Invader Twilight Sparkle - Aislinn Roberts

I could not resist combining my two favourite shows!!! If you have not seen Invader Zim, you have not lived and go look him up!!!
7 Plotting to Rule - NinjaEngie

Canterlot Will Fall!
8 Ruling this project - FrostyEchidna

I was originally gonna have Rarity ruling a piece of fabric, but decided that might be done to death. So have some applejack being stubborn and big mac talking instead :)
9 Come Crawling Faster - Blue Wolf

Ah! I had wanted to do Sombra since day one. Finally fit him in. Sloppy sloppy rush job because I just worked 12 hours and I have a small touch of the "con plague". Probably not the best time to experiment after all that, but I did. I used a Pitt Brush Pen to color Sombra's mane and snout, instead of my "safe" nib pen or sharpie marker, so that was new for me. I think that worked out ok. I also used some "metallic" markers my wife bought me today, and I can see how I should use those better the next time. Also, if I was thinking more clear/had more time, I would have probably made Twilight's eyes that green shadowy "dark magic" style. Sketch Card, copic markers, ink pens, metallic markers, colored pencil, sharpie markers, the works on this one.
10 Heave To and Set Sail! - Norque

11 Shkle Fingerpaint - MyBoyJ

Here we have my OC, Shkle, doing what shkle does best; showing off shkler plot. Shkle also rules, in the "that's awesome" kind of way, if you ask me. This is quite possibly the most time intensive fingerpainting I've done so far, as it took about two and a half hours. I'm actually pretty happy with it, as I was trying my hand at replicating the first ever good picture of Shkle that I commissioned from an artist I know.
12 A Game of Cupcakes - DJ-Rainbow-Dash

13 All Hail the Queen - TropicalWings

Made with Procreate
14 Blueblood Portrait - Cheshire Twilight

15 the perfect plan - Libra Windrunner

made by by ~NanaKuroNekoNyan on DA
16 Ruling Princess sketch - Hewison

17 Ruler. - RandomCPV

18 Plotting something evil - Pixernosse

19 Onwards! - Callmemitch

I just couldn't get her eyes right for some reason. Or her leg. And now I realise I forgot her eyelashes. -.-' Oh well, for all that it came out alright. Foals are hard to draw too.
20 Young Meets Old - Roxor128

Old Dash: "Not bad for an old weathermare and retired Wonderbolt." Young Dash: "Retired Wonderbolt? Who are you?" Old Dash: "Hey, come on, who else would look this awesome at eighty-four? I'm you from the future." Young Dash: "The future? What are you doing here?" Old Dash: "I'm here to change the past. I've been planning this for forty years." [Initially done for Day 26, then lost due to software trouble, redone on the same day (this is being submitted at 23:55 local time). The story to go with this makes it work with the plotting topic for today.]
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