181 Late Night Pretending - JohansRobot

Trixie found something to play around in, guess she was pretending to be a princess and making some decrees and orders. Looks like someone spied on her...
182 This'll get us our marks for sure! - MaikeruTo

I'm afraid of what Apple Bloom's plotting for getting the CMC's Cutie Marks with such a look on her face....
183 Swarm Tyrant - Nyrx

184 Nearing The End - sixhorsepower

185 One to Rule Them All - RedCelt

186 In the Dark - Corralfur

She plotting your demise
187 NATG III Day 27 - Ancient Ruler - Jezendar

188 Ruling And Plotting - Skypause

Get it!, ruling (a classroom) and plotting a graph. Q: what is she explaining and what is the riddle on the door?
189 A Plot Afoot - Blurredthelines

190 Fetchbeer Rules - phallen1

When not drinking or drawing, Fetchbeer spends his days trying to design the perfect container for his medicine.
191 Plotting Rule - RHKirby

Ruling is a tough job, with many different forms of danger to deal with. Sometimes danger can be as close as a friend...
192 - delQuponT

193 Doing her duties - DarkFlame

Well today's prompt didn't really inspire me, but I worked on some stuff like linework anyway.
194 Our Fair Ruler - Mr. Boltitude

195 Queen of the Apples - SAHikari

Applejack- Ah declare that ahll my royahl subjects eat an apple ah day! Doctor Whooves - "Hey!"
196 Queen of the Tree - Valkyrie-Girl

197 I totally agree with you - Nick C.

I was watching the episode "Too Many Pinkie Pies" earlier and got an idea from Pinkie face planting. I remembered the Reuling Vinyards wine company. I figure "hey, drunk face planting is funny, right?" In hindsight, I should've done something else. Oh well! Who wants a nice pita, huh?
198 Superior Commander - Roxor128

Listening to the plan's description made General Green Leaf realise that Princess Celestia had indeed been right. Even despite a thousand-year absence, Princess Luna was by far the better military commander. She smirked to herself. The griffons wouldn't know what hit them.
199 Dat Plotting - Shadowbolt82

Just barely in time!
200 Dat plot - Mally Azure

Rainbow Dash is seemingly annoyed that you keep staring at her..
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