201 Dastardly Lyra - RageThunderMcFist (Dave)

202 Artist Training Ground Day 27 - GraphicLee

203 Ruler of the Night - FlutterLove

204 Bad Mane Day - TGYR

205 Ruling the Night - Spark Burst

206 NATG3 Day 27: Sleeping on the Job - Ozepherus

Yay for unoriginal interpretations!
207 Hairy Plotter - Frith

I was going to make her look fuzzy, like Mary Jane Begin's ponies in Under the Sparkling Sea, but OMG! Shading! And tones and it's half an hour before deadline and my drawing is small. So, ponyfeathers, she's still a hairy plotter, you'll just have to use your imagination. I also planned two ruling rulers, measuring each other with dressmaker's measuring tape. Rulers? Measuring? Get it? It didn't happen. Now it's deadline minus twenty minutes. I have to get up and get ready for work in three hours. *First world problems* If you notice my sketches, you can always drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org, anonymous commenting works and there's also OpenID. I also repost NATG works I like to the MLP:FIM community on DreamWidth, called Ponyville Trot.
208 Burd plotting against Beatrix (unfinished, again) - Mister Twister

Having a headcanon character can really help with a prompt sometimes.
209 PaladinDrakkenwolf - ATG2013_Day27 - Paladin Drakkenwolf

210 ATG III day 27 - JTwardo

211 Bad Twixie - antosheek

212 Soon I Will Rule Them All - James Dijit

Never open the gates for someone who stole Rebellion from Dante.
213 Ruling Plot - Raincloudboom

Rarity is measuring the greatest plot in Equestria, to make Princess Molestia a new outfit. Apparently Spitfire was in her shop at the time too.
214 Who Rules Around Here - ABronyAccount

215 Evil Knitting - HalflingPony

This will be the most evil scarf ever! World domination is only a few skeins away...
216 Lyra's Plot - Gregdawg

Lyra...I don't even want to know.
217 Dusty Old Books - MalWinters

Twi.. you need to stop reading those dusty old books!
218 Rarity Rules Over Pinkie - TheFriendlyElephant

219 Twilight Planning as Always - C

220 Plotting - Alexander Diogo

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