21 Lyra's Globe - LyraHwhatever

Yep, she knows where we live...
22 Prime Minister RD - NATGIII day 27 - Whatsapokemon

Ya know, I think a Prime Minister would make sense in Equestria. Much like the United Kingdom there is an elected Prime Minister who is the head of Her Majesty's government. Mostly the Queen's job is just to approve things that the government does. In Australia this is also the case. The Queen is technically still the head of state in Australia. She is represented by the Governor General, who is like a proxy for her wishes. In reality the Governor General's job is pretty much to rubber stamp whatever the government decides to do though.
23 Cheerilee's plotting - Transparent Pony

You... You all watch me for plotting, right?
24 I'm gonna rule over the playground! - rainbowtasticarts

25 The Conqueror - Michael Walker

Master Bison! A plotter and a conqueror if there ever was one! This is based off an image from the Street Fighter games. I'd originally intended him to have some psycho-energy surrounding his hooves to make fingers, so it would be a bit more like his hand pose in the original picture, but it's a bit late now (1am, once again!).
26 Twilight's Plot - DAbestpony

Obligatory math pun.
27 Queen Heartstrings - Tomixander

28 The Chess Master - Slizergiy

29 Dat... Princess - ImpCJCaesar

Plotting? No plotting here.
30 Plotting Pun - Quint the Wanderer

Pun pony is best OC. I just hope her plan isn't to pull rank. More of her can be found at her tumblr (askpun.tumblr.com)
31 - Wolframclaws

32 Solitary Republic - Legeden

33 Princess sky - Angelia

34 NATG Day 27: 27 Points - StR Speedy

Who would've thought making a simple line graph could be so hard?
35 Cloak 'n' dagger - Daniel Oliver Hartley

36 'Tis true... - David Lockwood

"I'll bet NOBODY'S thought of this!"
37 Pinkie showing her true self - Snowy Flanks

Pinkie has a deep dark secret
38 Leader - Pio21

39 Speedcore Dave! - Raedrob

40 Formula plotting. - Liesbeth Veugen

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