41 King Leo - BerylliumPone

An attempt at digital painting.
42 Avoidance Plans - bobthedalek

43 Derpy III - RFpones

King Derpy's reign of terror has only just begun.
44 Finally in Power - Agreenbrick

45 Stowing Away the Crystal Heart - TheBaraclough

I'm pretty proud of the perspective in this perspective with the exception of what's supposed to be the cave wall which I botched. Sombra was surprisingly fun to draw and color even if his armor didn't turn out how I wanted it to. Hopefully I can finish the last three days strong!
46 her to do list - Picanthro

47 Lyra Plotting - Fizzban08

48 Artist_training_ground-day27 - Travis Templeton

49 Born to Rule - nfm

All hail to King! I think face is very good in this one. Scourge in other hand...
50 Twiley the author - Soratails

51 Princess Big Mac - doomrock24

52 Twilight rules ! - ThinkingWithPonies

53 NATG III day 27 - Steady Prism

54 A Legit Royalty - ATG Day 27 - Ryojo

55 Homeworld Bound - Lord_Bovine

The Pride of Equestria's systems were so complex that initially the bridge crew was to number in the hundreds. Pony Neuroscientist Karan S'Jet theorized that a living pony brain could be used to process and organize the vast amount of data near instantaneously. She now resides deep within the heart of the Pride of Equestria, monitoring all shipboard systems and logistics data throughout the fleet.
56 Twilight Ruling - Fluttershy_Z

Because ruling ... ruler ... no? Just me? Okay. I just realised that at the end of the 30 days I will have spent approximately 50 hours drawing, coloring and vectorizing ponies. More than 2 full days, that's a lot of pony.
57 New Age Retro Pony - hip-indeed

this might be my favorite piece of this whole event
58 King Ray - Tech Burst

59 Celestia not ruling - Tom0147

So this is how I pretty much spent today's French lesson. And about half an hour during DDR meetup (We didn't have keys from the DDR room)
60 Enjoy your precious sun, dearest sister... - Cloudy

... for our time of reign draws near.
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