101 Do You Like Bananas? - Frimaire Froid

Video being referenced: (Warning, heavy and loud swearing) http://youtube.com/watch?v=k4f9m4OYkCY
102 Bad-read - Abyssal Emissary

Dirty drawing today. Was unable to draw my actual idea, so I had to do Plan B: Bad puns. You've asked for the puns, Phoe! You wanted this, don't you? ... Still love you for all your effort and enthusiasm. <3
103 Satisfying Needs - Xulious

Trixie is plotting to steal from the Royal Cracker Vault! And you can't plot to do something downright evil without a mustache, of course!
104 ATG Day27 - The Plan - James

The Stable Dweller plots and shares her next move with Velvet Remedy. Littlepip tells Velvet Remedy about her plan in a shady, secluded room. Littlepip could get in very serious trouble if the Republic found out about what she's trying to do. At least, Littlepip has Velvet's support.
105 The Locstat - Glass Beaker

The word plot reminded me of the (somewhat brief) time I spent in the Forces (even french dudes like me used to say "Je vais le plotter s'a mappe.", yes we do indeed use a lot of anglicisms). So here is a random Female Sgt having to do a locstat, so she plots. May or may not be an accurate representation of said azimuth. Also, I will lose the military theme for next day, you just get better inspiration from life events, you know...
106 Forever gone - Mauricio "Suax"

My friends? Most of them are dead to me.
107 A King by his own Claw - Silverwisp

108 NATG 27 - Jerry

109 Sombra Twilight Sparkle - Emberstar11

110 Ruling in Manhatten - Canvas Painter

111 The Muffin Queen - JerryKun

All hail the queen of Muffins! Or something!
112 The Cupcake Usurper - JerryKun

Soon...The Cupcakes shall see their day.
113 Plotting the Data - Chris Cooke

This was a seriously slacker night, a "kill it and bill it" kind of night.
114 A New Ruler - CosmicWaltz

This was actually a neat accident. Yesterday's post, to be honest, I hadn't really thought over. It was just a single image. So, later that day, I started wondering what would cause that state of a Rainbow Dash to exist? Easy. An alternate quantum timeline in which Nightmare Moon didn't go after Celestia, but after her student — Twilight Sparkle — first. Without the Element of Magic, the Elements of Harmony never came together, and Nightmare Moon faced no opposition. She easily took to power. So, today's challenge, I decided to continue that train of thought. Doubt it will go much further though. XD
115 You Rule Rainbow Dash - Last Minute

116 Be Prepared! - klystron2010

117 Crystal Crown - HumanFlea

118 Our Royal Plot - petite-dreamer

"We are pleased by our more frequent appearances, but the rate of this increase is too slow! The screentime must be doubled!"
119 The Night Eternal - Melon Hunter

Nightmare Moon tries out her new throne for size before she seizes Equestria to rule under her endless night. And, in her dark, jealous mind, wicked plots and evil plans are formed, as she ponders quite what to do with Celestia after her oppressive sister is defeated once and for all...
120 Judge's ruling - Hopscotch007

Regrettably I didn't draw the background.
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