121 Sombra - Kuyon

122 Princess-ing For Dummies - Sturs

Not at all happy with how this turned out. Picture is way, way blurrier than usual, and I couldn't find an eraser so that didn't really help. Anyway, have Twilight reading both about ruling and about plotting.
123 Derpy and the Ruler - Pinkeidragon

124 - Rad-man

Ok so when I thought of plotting I thought of Lelouch from Code Geass, and when I thought of Lelouch plotting I thought he'd be board. So then I picked Twilight because when I think of ponies board with a task I think of FiMFlamFilosophy's version of Twilight. Apparently. Ta-dah!
125 Numerical Methods - Cazra

Prisma Planes demonstrates how Euler's Method can be used to interpolate a curve for data given a plot of data points and a first-order differential equation. Dat plotting...
126 The Little Ruler - Emi

127 Chessmaster - Madcrafter

128 Tickles yo - Nemo

129 Queen of EqD - Lee Ji-Yong/RoxanDasher

Thanks balddumborat for the reference! I hope SO BADLY that Phoe puts this as tomorrow's header; I worked on it really hard ^ v ^
130 Twilight Sparkle- Princess on the Iron Throne - The Living Shadow

A Game of Thrones inspired crossover
131 EQD Training Grounds Day 27 - Blayaden

In my defense, he had Batman as his running mate. How was I supposed to compete with that?!
132 Commander Hurricane - megahgirl

133 What will we do tonight Tom? - Hallow Nocturne

Think Pinkie and the Brain. I have no idea which is which but one of them is plotting something.
134 EQD NATG III: Day 27: The Princess of Shipping - ArrJaySketch

Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds III: Day 27: Draw a pony ruling/Draw a pony plotting. Surely Princess Cadance would never use her special talent for her own purposes, would she? WOULD SHE?
135 The Night...Will Last...Yeah you get the drill - Shy Assassin

136 Queen of the hill - BenjiK

137 Queen of the Classroom - CrimsonBlossom42

138 Straightforward Scheme - Doublesharp44

Uploading by phone...
139 Mason Plotting - Tek

Ponyvilles best mason plots out her next build. Outline done in black pen. As always Feedback and Tips appreciated.
140 Ruler of Misery - Anthony Barrera

"only two things are certain in life. One that you will die, and second that Twinkies will outlive you."
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