141 Sombra and the Crystal Empire - Blue Whrilpool

Worked hard to do stuff I've never done before in Photoshop for this one. I'm really happy with how it turned out.
142 THE MUSTACHE - lordjeremy55

You know Pinkies plotting something bad while she's wearing a mustache, but the monocle must mean she's plotting something really bad. i didn't do a background because i wanted to focus on the details such as shading and lighting.
143 Apple Bloom tells Diamond Tiara like it is. - Arkanoid1

Apple Bloom, representative of the little known ruling secret society called the Cutie Mark Crusaders, tells the common peasant Diamond Tiara an obscure truth.
144 Scholarchy - OneBrokePony

We are all Twilight Sparkle's students now. She's sent everypony back to school, even the rest of the Mane 6, and with her EqG clothes as the model for the new school uniform. I decided to show the reManing 5 being ruled, rather than Twi ruling. Rainbow Dash loses something when the pic isn't colored

146 Luna rulin' all the moon - PcM

147 Fluttershy - Mother of Dragons - The Living Shadow

Another crossover idea with Game of Thrones, a really quick sketch but I think it turned out alright. Fluttershy feels like she has the most in common with Daenerys, starting out timid and insecure but growing more confident and wiser over time.
148 Evergreen Pt 1 - Wryte

On the 27th day of ATG, Phoe-kun gave to me... a prompt that let me finish an incomplete prior entry. Hooray!
149 Evergreen Pt 2 - Wryte

150 Plotting Her Demise - Lifes Harbinger

Me plotting my over enthusiastic friends eminent demise for getting on my nerves...sometimes.
151 Queen of THIS cloud in particular - Vivi Rouce

Crap quality is crap. I'm tired so this is the best you get.
152 Day 27 - Ruler for a day - Alloco

153 Young Sombra - Silveredchaos

Ambitions can start early on and grow with us.
154 King Gaius - Quagspoo

Tales of Xillia Kabanlar's King
155 "Plotting" - Study_Hard

"I don't care what awards show you saw it on. I won't let you abuse the good people at home in this manner." Octavia had a special, portable screen designed for such occasions, to protect the public from her friend.
156 Platinum - Ye Ting Wang

157 Ruler of the Game - Kreature

158 Princess Training - Kevin

"This isn't funny princess"
159 PUNS! - Blueberry

PUNS! She's holding a ruler! And she's ruling!
160 Discord Plotting - feraldrive

Maybe the first drawing I've ever done in my life and thought "hey, that looks good!". Biggest change I made was not letting myself make a ton of sketchy lines and saying to myself, "I'll just delete the wrong ones later.". Well I never get around to it - so this time I took it slow when I needed to, which was pretty much all the time. I just made a conscious mental effort throughout this drawing to make sure that the lines looked right - never be afraid to redraw anything or even make use of your software to move stuff around until it looks right. I obviously used a reference for this, it was just too perfect! Everything though was done by eye and freehand though. Yes for the first time in my life I managed to draw decent looking lines without some kind of software smoothing! I guess drawing a lot pays off ... eventually!
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