161 EQD ATG 3: Day 27 - Andrew "AffinityPony" Beran

Sweetie...what did you do? I'll forgive you for whatever it was. No-pony could stay mad at that adorable face! Due to my hard drive crashing, I only had enough time for a basic inked sketch for this theme. For the next theme, I should be able to try a full color render.
162 Rulers rule!!! - Aaron Lindsey

Being bored in Math class is fun.
163 Minuette "Ruling" - Icesticker

164 #319: NATGIII: Day 27 - King and Slave - 115Predator

Drawing #319. My drawing for the twenty-seventh day of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds III. "Draw a pony ruling/Draw a pony plotting." I wasn't sure what cutie mark to give the slave. So I left her flank blank for now.
165 Applejack Ruling - Mary Kate

166 Ruler - Caresse-par-la-lumie

167 Macbeth with Ponies - Bryan Briggs

Revised version
168 Soon I shall take your place - QuicksilverGuard

169 Atg Day 27 - Alyssa

170 General Pinkie Pot leading her Army - Scarlet Twinkle

This started as in inside joke with my GF... and ended with countless good cooking pots tragically struck down in the prime of their youth. Oh, and Pinkie's being charged with treason, and some royal guards got hurt or something. But think of the pots!
171 Pinkie Plotting Points - Linkman15

Here's Pinkie plotting some points
172 Imperial - Supercruise

I probably should have measured out those letters...
173 The beginning of a new reign - Icesticker

Not sure where I was going with this one. I drew Rarity, just to draw Rarity and then I drew a crown floating over her. After that another pony base just showed up and I decided why not Twilight.
174 Day 27 - DiscordedHarmony

175 CMC Siege Breakers - Steady Gait

Trebuchets are the perfect device to carry out your plans!
176 The Pinkie and the Brain - Taeemul Chowdhury

177 - Truemosfet

Don't worry, Princess Twilight has got it all figured out for us. She made a plot chart to prove it!
178 Birth of Sombra - Jberg18

I found a way to make the hearts of my kingdom pure as crystal. But evil was only removed, not destroyed. The more ponies who gave up hate, the more powerful he became.
179 Measuring the Yellow One - Icesticker

Drew Flutters and then decided to turn it into an ATG III
180 I can't be the only one to make this joke - Lord Squishy

Twilight is plotting things on a graph. And she used a ruler too. Math or something.
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