1 Stretch fighting stick pony Dhalsim - Darkon Shadows

Dhalsim was and probably still is my favorite street fighter character from the old days, he was also a cheap long distance character able to stretch his limbs to hit you from across the room.
2 Morning Stretch - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Gotta make sure I warm up if I don't want to pull anything.
3 Stretch Digital - DJ-Rainbow-Dash

A bug happened with my layers while I was working on my original idea, but what the bug produced gave me the idea for a stencil, so this is what came of it.
4 Stretching the legs out and getting a Jiggy with it. - Jenbun Spahging

Jenbun: I like Kazooie, enough said about that.
5 Wrong Side of the Bed - Wryte

6 Overwhelmed - AniRichie

You can't do it alone Jackie.
7 Applejack Struggling to Paint - Eccentric Bloodstone

I don't know how I got this idea, but I decided to draw Applejack because I noticed the lack of Applejack In my drawings. Anyway, she is trying to paint with her mouth and holding that paint thingy, I don' know what it's called, with her hooves.
8 Almost... There... - Norque

9 One too many books - Slizergiy

10 Danger Dash - Tim Alan Van Waale

First piece for the artist training grounds. I need to work on my backgrounds...
11 Nooo not the side! - Mally Azure

...use the corners or else I will be streeeeeetched!! O_O
12 Crammin' - TropicalWings

Made with Procreate
13 Struggle - Pixernosse

14 Mornings... - CosmicWaltz

15 Morning Stretches - RedCelt

16 Ponyville Could Use More Mail Carriers... - savethechristmastreefoundation

17 Lyra's struggle - LyraHwhatever

Guess what she's actually trying to draw.
18 Stuck in the mud - Hewison

19 Unbreakable - Soratails

20 Oh My... - Callmemitch

This was maybe a little ambitious for the early night I had planned, this one easily took the longest time to draw. Still, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Note to self though: learn how to draw legs that are pointing towards the viewer.
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