81 Should have brought an umbrella - ChibiDashie

Once again, this would be me as a pony wearing a sailor uniform. But this is what would happen if you forget your umbrella.
82 Stretch Hoofstrong Fingerpaint - MyBoyJ

Here we have a ponified version of Stretch Armstrong, since stretching is what he does best. This fingerpainting is based on the box art for the original Stretch Armstrong from the 1970's.
83 Working Out the Kinks - TheAndyMac

Final three; time for the big guns!
84 Rainbow Stretching - Airtower

I didn’t have much time to draw today, so this is a rather simple sketch. I’m quite happy with how the face and pose look, although wings are still difficult (and probably out to get me). ;-)
85 Ponies doing what Horses do - Brongaar

Nibblegrooming, social behavior among real horses, reinforces friendship bonds... and Pinkie is enjoying every second of it... Based on my friend's mare Chalice she is groomed/ scritched.
86 Chrys Armstrong - Bryan Briggs

87 Not Quite Nyad - Chris Cooke

Both prompts in one drawing. A couple of glaring errors, but I did pick up a few new techniques, so I'll call it a net win.
88 Out of Reach - Burnt Circuit

Rainbow Dash needs that Wonderbolt Ticket.
89 Rainicorn Time - Cazra

90 Eenope - Yoshimon1

Big Mac: "Eenope." --- Eeyup! --- It's time for another comic! --- I don't know how the guy that made nope.avi came up with the stretching neck, but it was brilliant... --- 2 hours. Made in Inkscape. SVG available on dA.
91 Another Day, Another Drawing - Tech Burst

There were some days where I felt like this, but in the end it was incredibly helpful. Something like this probably would have been impossible for me to do a month ago. Thanks EQD.
92 Push it to the limit... or i believe i can fly - OverlordSteve

93 Return..of..Nada..Tiempo - Kyoko Krash

Yeah...so...was..at..the..beach..and..drew..this..I..struggled..to..draw..a..decent.. looking..pony..and..take..a..decent..picture..of..it..so..I..guess..that..counts..right?..Have..a..wonderful..day!
94 No stretching machine like this one - Mauricio "Suax"

You guys told me to do it. P.S.: An official character in one of my drawings? Meh.
95 Applejack's Daily Meditation - DeltsDash

Was just practicing different poses.
96 Look Before You Smash - Sturs

I should be able to take pictures that aren't absolute rubbish again tomorrow. Should be fun. Have AJ and Rarity engaged in a big ball of violence. Or not.
97 BonBon Sutra - AaronMk

98 Sad Twilight Sparkle - DeltsDash

This is one of my favorites. The neck is a bit too long and the horn is also, but just how it looks like.
99 Ironworker - Madcrafter

100 Stretching Pony - ZekeroX Blade

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