1 Pinkie Pie Color-in - Devon78303

2 - Austen Holbrook

3 Best Holiday Picture To Grace The Earth - Michael

It's a metaphor
4 Bust-a-pose - Nyrx

Was actually meant for day 4 but I overshot the time when uploading it. Luckily prompt 5 mentions family so I'm just going to play this as if I totally meant for it to turn out this way. I was aiming for prompt 5 all along, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
5 Candy Cane Wintry Blue Secret Mission Pinkie Pie - SunsetShimmerMaho

6 Library Gifts - Shawn Ralph

7 Holiday Hijinks - Cody11533

8 Secret agent Christmas pinkie - Robin Hoof

It's a secret to everypony.
9 http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/345/a/1/pinkiexmasmission_snowy_by_ukokusanzo-d6xmmu2.jpg - Sam Hug

10 Shkle's Present - MyBoyJ

Here we have Shkle preparing to unwrap a special package.
11 Twilight Shops Online - Jamie Tipton

I'm pretty proud of this one. Although I'm sure she would actually wrap them herself, she is a good friend like that. Also, the prices were not meant to be accurate, they are just supposed to be close together, so it looks like she loves all her friends equally.
12 Christmas Present Problems - Gabriela

In this drawing, Lauren Faust is wrapping the Christmas Presents for Luna and Celestia. She doesn't notice though that the two mischievous fillies are quietly opening their presents after Lauren sets them down behind her. She isn't looking when she sets them down behind her and that is why the two are getting away with it. Merry Christmas and Happy Hearth's Warming!
13 Pinkie Spy Special Christmas Mission - Tim_Fortune

14 Merry Christmas, Rainbow Dash! - Vivian G

15 Hearth's Warming Pony Pals - L. Brothers

I draw ponies and pony accessories.
16 *Another* one of these?... - Hydrus Beta

They never know what they'll get from us...
17 Yule Never See Her Coming - Milano

18 - Zoameldar

19 Hearth's Warming Micro-Comic Giveaway Day 5 - Bunny Hare Rabbit

20 Vinyl Scratch wonders if it'll fit under tree now - Arkanoid1

Ok I will actually do this again! Vinyl just finished wrapping that most important gift for that special somepony. Will it fit under the tree? I drew Vinyl in standard no. 2 pencil with light colored pencil but re-colored her and created the other stuff in Irfan View. I wasn’t quite clear whether a pencil/digital mix would be qualifying criteria so if it isn’t accepted no biggie to me. Sorry if I missed that. Thanks all!
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