1 One or two plushies... - Rufus Shinra

2 Average Pegasus Collection - Average Pegasus

This is my little collection that I build over 2 year (mostly in the last 2 month)
3 Poni Collection :3 - Justin Blanford

4 My Glories Ponies 2 - Redczar

In my Inventor I have 10 Shirts, 2 Posters (Shown) and a few others in Pinkie Box, 1 Binder 250 Trading Cards (Series 1 and 2), 1 Hat, 4 Tins, 3 Funko Figures, 3 Pushies, a few cups, First Three Season Dvds, Brony Documentary, and of Figures. Its overall cost is $500 plus.
5 Funko collection - Jhett Beyler

6 Good Night rest (Photo 1) - Deity Schwanck

7 Pony Supplies and Mini Figures (Photo 2) - Deity Schwanck

8 Caramba's first brony merch :D - Ivan Dardi

That was my first merch ever! Got the Fluttershy at Build-a-Bear, the Rainbow Dash at Spencer's, the Dr. Whooves at a Newbury's Comics, and the T-shirt was custom printed. Oh, Thunderlane is best pony. :3
9 Big Funko Collection plus some autographs! - Deity Schwanck

Big Mcintosh- Peter New Twilight- M.A. Larson (on the wing) Flutter&Pinkie- Andrea Libman
10 My Little Pony Collection (No Pun Intended) - ChibiDashie

So this here is my not too small, nor not too big pony collection. Not as big as my Pokemon Collection, but hey, maybe I should make a Rainbow Dash shrine :3 There are some things missing, like something Cathy Wesluck signed for me (She loved my cosplay!), T-shirts, and patches, but I was too lazy to find them.
11 Pony Collection 1 - drawowlsandstuff360

12 Pony Collection 2 - drawowlsandstuff360

13 my pony collection - Ulix

from Cornwall Ontario Canada. my whole collection with the few doubles I have equal to 243 pony toys.
14 Crystal Lunar Republic w. LEDs in the floor (Who needs a Christmas Tree?) - Norm_De_Plume

Note the Lightning Dust. She's authentic from Hasbro, but hasn't appeared in a blindbag wave yet. :D The people at the model train store were very helpful with this and Ponyville Behind Glass 2.0
15 Ponyville Behind Glass 2.0 - Norm_De_Plume

The first Ponyville Behind Glass ended when a Cthulhu-plushie drove the terrarium mad, so they upgraded to this 20 gallon aquarium. Also included are some frightening Korean knockoffs: Three colourful Rarities with Pinkie's cutie mark and two Pegasi with AJ's mark. Apple Fritter wanted to be with her Meadow Song stallion, so she moved over from the Crystal Lunar Republic, since ponies are free to go back and forth between them as they please.
16 Pony Globes - Norm_De_Plume

Built over New Year's 2012, with votive candle holders nicked from a going-out-of-business Zellers, some hollow Christmas ornaments, and way too many visits to the craft store. (I'll tell you, these people don't *blink* when you tell them what you're building.)
17 Best Pony for Best Collection - Fanboat

I'm unfortunately not in a position to show off even a third of my collection, but my very favorite portion is fortunately on display. I've also included a picture of the original pile I started with a few years ago, featuring the socks from the grab bag at Target.
18 - Vanrana

19 MLP Collection Pt 1 - Kenny from California

Part 1 of my MLP collection collages
20 MLP Collection Pt 2 - Kenny from California

Part 2 of my MLP collection collages. Those binders contain the complete sets of the series 1 trading cards, the series 2 trading cards, the dog tags, and the original ccg demo decks. Unfortunately this is only half of my t-shirt collection, the other half was being washed.
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