21 - Dragmod

22 MLP Gollection G1, G3, G3.5 and G4 - Color-Clouds

23 - Weronika

24 I can groom my best friends - Finjaftw

At total I have 61 Ponies. 41 blindpack figures, 12 Brushables, 4 Plushies, 3 Burger King figures, 1 Funko Vinyl figure I live in germany, so I have those Burger King figures and the Nici plushies. I really hope I get in, though. :)
25 My Swag Wall - Jake Hughes

Includes my Drill Sergeant hat. I showed this to the soldiers in my section, and we had this conversation: PFC Snuffy: "Sergeant, you have a problem." Me: "You're right. I need a bigger wall..."
26 Stefers styled Ponies - Stefers

Art is my strong skill. I could not just let the ponies stay in their boxes, I had to take them out and make them all pretty! Thank you for sharing my work! ^^
27 My MLP Collection - Kayla

This is my My Little Pony Collection(: I've been collecting since last April, and this is what I have (so far!) :)
28 Secretseyes pony collection - Heather

I have three pictures in the scraps folder for this contest. I probably missed a thing or two but that's most of it.
29 MLP Collection Pt 3 - Kenny from California

I got around to hanging my RD Breezie plush and I thought it was too cool not to submit. So here ya go.
30 Collection in zee Netherlandz - Aluriya

My entire appartment is ponified, but this is the main collection. I also have quite a lot of G1 and G2, but I guess I should leave those out for now! The Celesia at the top was signed by Nicole Oliver, if you were wondering what that was.
31 My pony collection - Gustav Andersson

32 The Pony Shelf - Midnight Rush Pony

33 My Pony Stuff - Rowler

does not include me 3 shirts (because they were dirty) and my lanyard (because I forgot to put it in)
34 2014 Updated Collection - Kelsey Carlson

Includes towels, build a bear plush, beanie babies large and keychain, aurora style plush, monopoly and memory games, backpacks and lunch boxes, blind bag figures, and brushables.
35 MLP FiM Collection♥ {Clothes} - Shea

36 MLP FiM Collection(: {Plush/Random} - Shea

i love plush<3(:
37 MLP FiM Collection(: {Figures/Jewelry} - Shea

38 - Captain Borgue

39 My 'My Little Pony' Collection - Kayla

This is my updated MLP collection. :) I've been collecting MLP stuff since last May. As you can probably tell, my favourite pony of the mane 6 is Rainbow Dash.
40 My Little Pony Man Cave - Keith Christopherson

This is My Pony Collection. The room was inspired by the "My Little Brony Basement Bedroom Playset" from that College Humor video right down to the pink bed spread. I know I need a better TV. If you look to the right of the TV next to the Pony Monopoly you can see the lunch box my wife made for me its my 20% cooler. hehe (image one of three)
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