81 Pony Collection #2 - SakuraMitsonomi

82 Pony Collection #3 - SakuraMitsonomi

Note to Seth: I didn't include any clothing merchandise because I thought you might find it crude to take pictures of my MLP panties. You're welcome. X3
83 - DavinciWolf

Well it might not be much, other than comics... But I just recently started getting interested in merch, so hopefully next time I'll have a bigger collection to show off :-)
84 Neeko48's Pony Collection - Neeko48

Managed to fit most of my collection on the one shelf, usually it's spread out around the room more. I collect brushables, Funko figures (especially the sparkly chase figures, just missing Twilight and Sweetie Drops), blindbags, occassional old brushables, customs, pins and other cute things. My t-shirts and a few posters aren't pictured. I also cut the pictures out of the brushable packaging and hang them up. A few Tokidoki unicornos are mixed in there too, I wouldn't have collected them if I didn't like ponies. X)
85 storm shield's collection - heath acosta

the rainbow in the box is signed
86 storm shield's collection - heath acosta

my dvds and pillow
87 My Little Pony Collection - Meghan

My collection consists mostly of build a bear plushies, as that's how my collection of pony things first began. I'd have to say that my two favorite ponies are definitely Fluttershy and Vinyl Scratch, which is why I have more stuff of them, too xD
88 Rainbow Dash and Lyra - Brokenwings

89 CR's Herd v21.08.14 Shot One - CrystalightRocket

90 CR's Herd v21.08.14 Shot Two - CrystalightRocket

91 CR's Herd v21.08.14 Shot Three - CrystalightRocket

92 Millie's Pony Collection - Millie Dubois

I have been collecting My Little Ponies since 2008.
93 The Prettiest Flower - Samuel Miller

I have a lot more pony stuff, but this is the only pony I care to collect.
94 My Little Pony Collection Picture 1 - Funko Figures - Joni Koivisto

95 My Little Pony Collection Picture 2 - Non-Funko Figures - Joni Koivisto

96 Thomas Ultimate 1213 Pony Collection - Thomas Ulitmate 1213

97 MLP Collection 2014 - HowlDerpyWolf

98 A few things I have picked up over the years (monument to financial irresponsibility) - Z S (Horsesnhurricanes/EquusStorm/Helicity)

So uh... I dragged everything out for photos. It's really hard to get good shots in the poor lighting of my room with a phone I can't hold still, derp. I've got a few more things elsewhere (wrapping paper, mousepad, stickers, framed pictures, stuff hidden behind other stuff, even a magnetic parasprite on the door of the safe room) but this blurry set of pictures covers most of it. I honestly can't even remember half of the stuff I have, it's been so long. XD From my first poni purchase, the mane six in brushables way back in the first week of June 2011 right after I joined the fandom on 5/26/11, comes... all this stuff. Yikes. (Had to resize to be under upload limit; the full sized image with readable notes is at http://i.imgur.com/GBKXG2J.jpg )
99 - CreativeChaos

My collection pic 1, started March of 2014.
100 - CreativeChaos

My collection pic 2, started March of 2014.
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