121 PONIES, PONIES, and more PONIES. - Chris Pacheco

taking a decent picture with a cellphone is impossible. any questions I'm d3ads0n on intense debate thing.
122 Pony Collection Contest Entry - Megan

I started out collecting last year, and then it grew into this!
123 My Overall Pony Collection - Justin Page

This Collection Contains My Little Pony: Friends Forever Issues: 3,5,7, 8 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Issues: 3, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Annual 1# My Little Pony Micro-Series Featuring: Luna Rainbow Rocks (Novel) Rainbow Dash Wig DVDs: Adventures In The Crystal Empire , Princess Twilight Sparkle, Equestria Girls, Keys of Friendship, A Pony For Every Season, Pinkie Pie Party, A Canterlot Wedding. Rainbow Dash Card Sleeves Rarity Deck Box Water Bottle 3 T-shirts (I couldn't find DJ-PON3 before I shot this) Art Prints
124 Collection + Rarity themed PC - Rag

The vast majority of my collection (minus some shirts and a bag) and a customized PC build around Rarity that I just recently finished.
125 - Terodas

126 - Terodas

127 Stephanie's My Little Pony Collection - Stephanie Ezzo

128 Close Up of Stephanie's Pony Collection - Stephanie Ezzo

129 Close Up of Stephanie's Pony Collection - Stephanie Ezzo

130 Collection Part 1: Blind Bags - Silver Rain

131 Collection Part 2: CCG Cards, Normal Cards, Disc Media - Silver Rain

For the Friendship Express DVD, there's two versions, the original version is in the case, which is the version that has the audio sync error for the first two episodes found on the original print run of the disc, and the second version to the right is the corrected version. Providing proof of purchase allowed for a free copy of the corrected version to be mailed directly to the addressee, and the original copy is retained by the purchaser.
132 my my little pony collection - Bek Lacey

my collection of my little ponies that consists of near 500 ponies!
133 State of the Swag - Frith

This about 95% of my swag. I've been accumulating it since the late spring 2011, starting with the five "blind bag" size ponies and the Gift Set. It took way too long to haul all this stuff outside. Not present are various prints, the full season DVD's, a calendar, another 20 or so blind bags, some Funko Pop figures, more t-shirts, more blankets, some brushables and a whole bunch of pins. You can't see the CCG cards because they're in the lunchbox that's barely visible in the back.
134 BOA's Pony Collection - A Mexican fan here - BOAs

135 My Pony Collection: Part 1 - Page Turner

Pictured (top left to bottom right): Funko Vinyl Figures, in order of best to least best pony; Pinkie Pie Patch, worn in the brim of my hat at all pony-related gatherings; The one art print I can't find a good space On the wall for; Welovefine Vinyl Scratch shirt.
136 My Pony Collection: Part 2 - Page Turner

Pictured (top left to bottom right): Art Print signed by M.A. Larson; More art prints; McDonald's Pony Toys, in order of best to least best pony; Can Of Rainbow Dash Fizzy Cherry Splash; Plushies; Main Series Comics; Tins; Blindbag Ponies, One-shot comics; Another Plushie; Box for MLP:CCG Deck; Books; Halloween Comic; promotional CCG card, Buttons; Pinkie Pie Keychain; Letter from Derpy; Dog Tags; Nightmare Nights Dallas 2013 badge; MLP;CCG Deck, Extra CCG cards; MLP Trading Cards. NOT Pictured: Non-metal Dog Tags; 2 Coloring books; Equestria Girls DVD; Sketchbook containing all my pony drawings.
137 My Pony Collection: Part 3 - Page Turner

Pictured: The Crown Jewel of my Collection, Paper Pony limited edition Nightmare Nights 2013 Shadowbox.
138 The Wilshire Collection 2014 - Wilshirewolf

139 College Setup - Pony Collection 2014 - Noah

140 College Setup - Pony Collection 2014 - Noah

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