141 College Setup - Pony Collection 2014 - Noah

142 World of mlp - Thao Le

hello ! here is my mlp collection from australia! Is really hard to find merch.. i hope you like it
143 Early G1's - Amanda B

144 G1's to Uk's - Amanda B

145 My Favourite Corner - Amanda B

146 - Daniele Tomei

147 MeandSamBFFL's Pony Collection - MeandSamBFFL

Hi guys! This is my submission for EQD’s pony collection thingy. Let me just sum my collection into probable questions and answers: Q: Is this the whole thing? A: Nope! I have a few comics, books, nic-naks and a box full of the old brushables as well. However, I’m tired and really don’t have room in my house to put those on display, so hopefully the pic of the blind bags in a bag will suffice. Q: How much did this all cost you? A: As said on the picture, PROBABLY somewhere between $1,000 to $2,000. I don’t think I’ve gone over $2,000 yet, but I’ve been slowing down the amount of merchandise I buy so that I don’t. Even I have limits, haha. Q: Do you have a life? A: I like to think that maybe I do, and sometimes I try and look hard enough, and I even sometimes think I do see remnants of what might be a life, but ultimately, and tragically, no, I probably don't.
148 Pony Merch Collection - Phil 'Vger' Sims

149 Pegasister's Ponies! - Lucy Nicholson

Hey everypony! This is my giant collection of MLP figures and merchandise =) I've been collecting since I was about 4 or 5, so about 10 years now! Yesterday, my collection totalled 372, and counting (somepony new joins my herd every couple of days). As I am a UK collector, I don't have access to the full range of pony merchandise (to all you American collectors out there, you have no idea how lucky you are with the amount of merch available to you!) Anyway, this is my collection of old-school stuff from G1-G3. I think these make up about half of my collection, but they still have a room themselves!
150 Pegasister's Ponies! - Lucy Nicholson

Here's another part of the pony armada that has taken over my room (and life)! I apologise for the blurred plushies, I couldn't fit everything in without using the panorama function on my phone =P Most of the merchandise on this half of my room is FIM, however there are some G3 sets on the top shelves. I have complete sets of blind bag waves 3 and 7 on this side, along with some Funko figures, loose ponies (I prefer to keep mine in the boxes), mini figure sets, standees, micro-comics, custom ponies and some other bits and bobs. I have 14 plushies, one of whom is from G3 =)
151 Pegasister's Ponies! - Lucy Nicholson

Once again, I apologise for the quality of the image. Anyways, this is the other side of my room, the side where I keep boxed ponies, boxes of blind bags and other licensed merch. Here, I have the full set of blind bag wave 4 ponies, most of wave 8, my favourites from wave 9 and a complete set of wave 10A ponies. I have pretty much every pony release available in the UK, but I've tried to keep duplicate brushable releases to a minimum. I also have 23 of Enterplay's dog tags (plus one on the way in the post), two CCG theme decks, trading cards, collector's tins and a LOAD of other sets. I hope you've enjoyed looking at my collection, and for anyone who wants a closer look at my collection, check out my Facebook page called 'Pegasister's Ponies' =) Brohoof! /) Oh, and a big thank you to Seth for helping me find a way to submit my pictures without using DeviantArt! ^_^
152 Flitter's Pony Collection - Pony display - Flitter

153 Flitter's Pony Collection - Trading Cards, T-Shirts, etc. - Flitter

154 Flitter's Pony Collection - Posters - Flitter

155 - Jonathan

156 Desde Mexico. Mi Pequeña colección. From Mexico. My small collection. - New J

157 MLP Collection 2014 (1/3) - Trebek

This image is scaled down, see my DeviantArt gallery for the full resolution version.
158 MLP Collection 2014 (2/3) - Trebek

This image is scaled down, see my DeviantArt gallery for the full resolution version.
159 MLP Collection 2014 (3/3) - Trebek

This image is scaled down, see my DeviantArt gallery for the full resolution version.
160 Our little collection - Tia

This is the main wall in our living room. We have a bit more that we couldn't get up yet but this is most of it. Our collection all started with a g4 Mcd's FlutterShy my husband got a year before we met. Since than our collection has grown quite a bit from blind bags to brushables and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. I'm glad I got a chance to share my family and our little collection =)
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