1 I'm Borrowing Your Space - 5v5v5v5v

Once again I failed to make the deadline last year, but the extra time did allow a few more ideas to propagate. Discord certainaly seems to be enjoying himself.
2 The Pony Ghost With The Most - 5v5v5v5v

Say it once; say it twice; third time's the charm. The ghost with the most is back for another halloween.
3 halo 4 - Nathan Y.

I carved this about 2 years ago. Sorry for the poor photo quality, using an Ipod doesn't gain much, and i don't have a good camera. And I know it's not pony, but it's the only thing I've done that's remotely good.
4 pony bones - Timberr1

using a picture downloaded from google and cut in sections so it would fit the curved surface. carved using a standard box cutter razor.
5 Maud Pie - Shakespearicles

This pumpkin rocks.
6 Nightmare Moon Emblem Jack-O-Lantern - JazzyTyfighter

7 - Dalton and Cat

8 My First Time Carving a Pumpkin! - Brian Williams

please be gentle with me, this is my first carving :-)
9 Flutterbat - Red Starr

First attempt at pumpkin carving. Yay!
10 Fluttershy's Cutie Mark - Carmens

11 Orcryst's Fluttershy Pumpkin - brandon "Orcryst" Whittington

technically this is my pumpkin of 2013, but i thought i'd submit it as we get 3 entries and i doubt i'll have more then 2 pumpkins this year.
12 Rainbow Dash Pumpkin Carving - BronyBoomOp

13 Flutterbat Pumpkin - Johwee

Flutterbat pumpkin from vectors by deviantart users Pirill-Poveniy and Doctor-G.
14 Pinkie (Pumpkin) Pie Watch Out!! - Adrienne

Pinkie Pie, Watch Out! I am really proud of it because I did this with 2 healing wrist sprains. I think I was worth it, I hope you like it too. :)
15 Pumpkin Pie - Bronytrainman/BronyPony6

You have to do at least one pony. ^^
16 Nightmare Moon - joolzanfire

Carved this last year but I missed the deadline, so a whole year later I'm finally sending it in this time round!
17 Nightmare Moon is coming for you - Rachel Defibaugh

This is actually my first year carving a pony on my pumpkin, since it had so much detail in the image that i wanted to do i decided instead of carving completely thru the shell of the pumpkin i would simply peal off the skin and leave thin lines behind for the smaller details and useing stratigic removal and leaving skin on in certain places to create the illusion of color differences thats how i created the image of nightmare moon, plus not carving completely thru makes it last longer especially when you do what i did and coat the cut areas with a clear acrylic spray but hairspray would work too.
18 EQDPumpkin Submission 2014 - Gabe Panitzke

19 Sweetiebelle Pumpkin 2014 - Brandon "Orcryst" Whittington

My second submission of this contest, and my second MLP pumpkin ever! this pumpkin took about 3 hours of work on the skin to complete (longer then i thought, but carving the skin off around the hair curls was harder then it looks!) I hope you enjoy it!
20 Flag of the New Lunar Republic - Benjamin Croom

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I had a ton of fun carving and might even come back next year; once again, thanks so much!
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