21 Flutterbat - John R.

Done mostly with wood carving tools and an X-Acto knife. The inset is an overhead view of the lid.
22 Don't ignore Pinkie, or she'll cut you. - StrongmanLin

23 Pumpkin Carving - Midnight Blossom - Blue Horizon

This is my first time carving a pumpkin like this and I think it turned out pretty well :D HAPPY NIGHTMARE NIGHT EVERYPONY \)
24 - Poppy

25 - Party_Grunt

First pumpkin carving I've done.
26 Button Mash - Ethan

27 Twilight's cutie mark - Nathan Young

Again, sorry for the crappy quality, I have nothing but my Ipod. But, I carved this for Halloween 2014.
28 Princess Twilight Spark-l'-lantern - L4R63N7

29 Filomena - Karach

30 Luna Pumpkin - Kimuri

Something simple this year. Drawn by my sister, carved by me.
31 Pinkamena Diane Pie Pumpkin Carving (Dark) - Derpy Suzumiya

Here's a pumpkin carving I did of Pinkie Pie as Pinkamena Diane Pie. This is the one in the dark, I also have an image of her in the light so you can see her face better.
32 Derpy Eyes Pumpkin Carving - Derpy Suzumiya

Here is one done by my friend who doesn't have a deviantart of her own. It's derpy! I think its cute :D
33 Flutterbat Pumpkin - Blossom

34 Cutie Mark Crusaders Pumpkins - archiveit1

35 Sunset Shimmer Pumpkin - archiveit1

36 Zecora Pumpkin - archiveit1

37 Discord is back! - Koleta

38 BLEH!!! - Alex, Carl, Eri, Taps

39 BLEH!!! - Alex, Carl, Eri, Taps

the pumpkin was worth 100$ and weighed over just about as much as it cost.
40 Happy Bon Bon - xkappax

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