41 Trixie - MidnightRushPony

42 Shadow Bolt Rainbow Dash in Action - Koleta

43 bigmac x cheerilee - fatcakes

44 Insert Bad Pumpkin Pun 'Here' - L4R63N7

45 Cutie Mark Crusaders Pumpkins for Nightmare Night 2014 - CMC_Scootaloo

My entry for this year's Annual Pumpkin Event. For each of the Crusaders, one of their best moments from Season 4: - Applebloom after her swimming performance with Granny Smith - Scootaloo and her epic *squee* face - And Sweetie Belle's first attempt in using magic Was a lot of work and I improved much in carving pony pumpkins with them as they look much better than my Nightmare Moon pumpkin from last year. I'm proud of the results. :)
46 You Are Going to LOVE ME! - Cai Shea

47 The Queen of Halloween - Lucy Nicholson

My first pony pumpkin =D Hope y'all like it, and have a great Nightmare Night! ^^
48 The Stars Will Aid in Her Escape... - Lucy Nicholson

My sister saw my pumpkin, and decided she wanted me to help her carve herself one =P
49 Twilight Sparkle Pumpkin Carving - zomgmad

50 Pumpkin Chrysalis - Georgia Warley-Cummings

Well, here she is, Chrysalis...on a pumpkin. Probably took me 2-3 hours to carve, tops. My poor lino-cutting kit is going to smell of pumpkin for weeks now, but it was so worth it. Happy Halloween fillies and gentle colts. ^_^
51 Pumpkin Apple Diane Pie - Victor Ramirez

My first ever attempt of carving a pumpkin with my kids. We had a blast and watch Rainbow Rocks on blu ray while sketching out the pumpkin and then carving. Next year: Trixie and Maud!!
52 We Just Don't Know What Went Wrong - Chris

Yes, My friend decided to carve a watermelon
53 Luna Pumpkin - Cassandra Mondazzi

My first time carving a pony pumpkin! I hope you like her
54 Insert Bad Pumpkin Pun 'Here' - L4R63N7

55 Cutie Mark Crusader Pumpkin Heads! - Shipmun

They're all different kinds of squash. Scootaloo is a regular orange pumpkin, Sweetie Belle is a white pumpkin, and Apple Bloom is a spaghetti squash.
56 Cutie Mark Crusader Pumpkin Heads with lights on - Shipmun

See? Different kinds of squash. Still best friends.
57 Luna crestentmoon carving - Jennifer Widdifield

58 Chrysalis, Queen of the Pumklings - BakedBad

59 Nightmare Night - Doctor-G

60 - imageconstructor

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